I'm inspired by the soul, the light and the colors from the North Sea

- and I'm trying to express the contrasts between the peace and the unexpected, which is found in the wind, the ocean and in myself.

As a child I was fortunate to grow up in a musical - creative family, where both of my parents could draw, paint and inspire me with there creativity. We spent a lot of the winter evenings around the dining table, where my mother tougth my brothers and me how to draw and paint on wrapping paper, while my father was played the banjo, the violin or the accordion. When I was 9 years old, I got my first box with oil pains. It was absolutely fantastic.

All my life, I have lived next to the North Sea. Since childhood the North Sea has an attraction on me. One moment gentle and quiet - and the next moment wild and furious. See the light and colors constantly changing, has given me many magic moments.

My home and studio is 200 meters from "Ho Bay". With the magnificent sceneri outside the door, the open landscape with the high clouds and the cool water - makes my painting a necessity.

I have been a landscape painter for over 30 years and work as a studio artist. 
Originally trained ceramist and teacher.
Apart from my painting I am teaching half-day at an Art school for mentally disabled and mentally vulnerabel people. That's a great pleasure to me.

I have exhibited in Art Museums, galleries, Art Organizations and juried exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.

Dansk Deutch